Apart from Ares and Pavlina who have to wait in Calais until they can cross the Channel in early January, the dogs from Greece have all arrived safely in the UK.

Courier M took all six for walks in the woods this morning, and all of them were fascinated by the new sights and smells around them. Even on encountering some local dogs out for their morning constitutionals, our six behaved very well and didn’t let the side down.

Zoe did bark at a cat however — but it’s a cat that’s very disdainful of dogs and didn’t seem to be bothered at all. But Zoe’s new owners might want to look out for that behaviour — and her somewhat ironic fondness for cat poo!

The dogs are now settled in at Treetops Kennels in Guildford, from where they will doubtless be scooped up in no time by their new owners. They’re all lovely, gentle dogs and we wish them well.