We have been talking about the eight dogs and getting to know their little foibles and ways.

Courier M says: “Jenny seemed to think the snow was quite fun, running her nose through it and throwing it up in the air. And Phaidon was full of spirit, such an eager beaver.” It would be great to see these two off the lead and really enjoying the opportunity to run; but right now we’re focused on keeping them secure and delivering them safely to the UK.

Zoe is like a little Greek Mama, destined to look after others. She wags her whole body from nose to tail, making it almost impossible to get a lead over her head.

Asproulis, such a gentle big bear of a dog, makes a very sedate pair with Erasmia. They’re easy to walk, they sniff around and are very confident and curious. They eat well and love the attention and fuss we give them. Erasmia rolls and rolls — we keep inspecting her to see why, and have deduced that she just likes rolling — and if you want to scratch her tummy, that’s fine by her!

Thanos is a very enthusiastic jumper. He leaps up and tries to lick you on the nose, all at the same time — leap and lick.

Ares and Pavlina are both gentle, sweet-natured creatures, and both a little unsure of themselves. Pavlina has now got used to getting in and out of the van and no longer has to be carried. These two really stick together during their walks. It will be sad to leave them in Calais for their brief period of boarding, but it won’t be long until we collect them in January.

We think that every one of these dogs will make a lovely house pet.

Diana and Harry walking with Asproulis and Erasmia