In October Animalcouriers transported six wonderful dogs from the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens to their new homes in the UK.

It was a pleasure to return to the shelter and spend time again with Kiki, Maureen, Martha and all their wonderful volunteers. This time we had eight dogs entrusted into our care for the journey to their new, pre-arranged homes.

The eight dogs travelling with us are Ares, Thanos, Phaidon, Zoe, Jenny, Erashia, Pavlina and Asproulis, whose new families are doubtless eagerly awaiting them and looking out for them on this blog 😉

All the dogs seem very gentle. They’ve been well chosen by the shelter as good family pets. The shelter has done an amazing job organising everything for the dogs’ journey. They’ve worked out which dogs are compatible to travel together and have housed them in groups in advance, to make sure everything goes as smoothly and calmly as possible. And to help us, and make sure we don’t get muddled up, each little gang has colour-coded name tags!

“It is always difficult to say goodbye,” one volunteer told us. “But not quite so hard this time, as we’ve been following the lives of the previous six and enjoying hearing how well they’re doing and seeing photos of them in their new homes.”

As we left Athens and headed to Patros for our ferry to Italy, the dogs quietly lay down to sleep, showing no signs of stress. Perhaps it’s a Greek thing, being so laid back!

Getting everyone on board

Emotional farewells

The pink tag group

The shelter staff and volunteers...

…send greetings to the UK families