After we’ve delivered little Lucy safely to her family in Milan, we’re continuing on to Greece. Once again we’re going to the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens to collect the latest group of rescue dogs who are bound for England and their excited new families.

Our trip got held up by the bad weather in the UK, which also led to long waits at Calais. And as we now head for Ancona, we’re dealing with driving wind and rain.

So we’ve been in touch with Conrad at Central Control, telling him all about our weather-related woes. In response to which he sent a round robin to everyone, saying:

“I have promised Animalcouriers to speak personally with the weather gods and do a ‘stop rain’ dance if necessary, although if the gods see my dancing skills, they may well decide to let the rain come down even harder! However, the forecast for Greece and Italy this coming weekend looks good.”

A reply was swiftly received that indicated a certain lack of faith in Conrad’s dancing skills:

“Hi Conrad, regarding the rain dance, here are a few tips.

1. Make sure you warm up…especially around the hips so you can swing them as wide as possible.

2. Shoulders too need a good shrug in each direction.

3. Swing those arms in every direction possible.

4. Last but not least, you do know that in a stop rain dance, one must howl as loud as one can and offer a sacrifice to the gods…..

Any problem with choreography just let me know…but generally, dancing around in a circle clockwise should suffice.

PS. ONE LAST THING…you have to do this naked with war paint all over your face and body.

Granny M”

There is a queue already forming in Godalming…