Animalcouriers called in on Diana the vet in Beauville to do all the required parasite treatments before crossing the Channel. As always, each animal behaved in his or her own very special way!

Mia from Guia in Portugal is on her way to Suffolk. She wasn’t prepared to sit still for her treatment or her picture.

Checky, Shaddie and Neffi are heading to Milton Keynes from Jalon in Spain. Checky waited her turn patiently, while little Neffi was a bit nervous and tried to hide. Shaddie kept himself busy marking everything in his path!

Ginger-and-white Rusty, the only cat on board, has been with us since Onil in Spain. He quickly settled back into his bed after the treatment.

Carlos was pretty calm about the whole thing, just wanted to know when it would be time for the next walk.

Alex, who joined us in Porto and is heading for Mitcham is a good boy who travels well and cooperated very nicely with Diana.