People often tell us how lucky we are to visit all the places where we collect and deliver animals. Mostly, however, we’re on the road with animals to care for, and so can’t take full advantage of our itinerary. And although the view from the “office” window is pretty good, we usually only get a fleeting glimpse of the places we pass through.

Delivering buttons to Orkney however was an exception. Once he was safely home, the ferry timetable meant we had a 24-hour rest with no animals on board.

So we spent a delightful day taking in the stunning coastline, craft shops, archaeological sites and bird life. We even watched the Harray Potter at work. You can take photos of him as long as you put something in the wellie as a donation to the Archaeological Society. He also suggested Buttons might need one of the milk jugs he was working on.

We can thoroughly recommend Orkney as a holiday destination. The weather has varied dramatically throughout the day with patches of sun, snow, sleet, hailstones and buffeting winds — but all seemed somehow appropriate in this northerly isle.

Ah well, back to work tomorrow!