Oliver, Grizzly and Mikki are gearing up for their move to the UK

Oliver, Grizzly and Mikki are gearing up for their move to the UK

Oliver and his feline companions Grizzly (aka Grisou) and Mikki will soon be making the move from Antibes in the south of France to the West Country.

Their owner, Jacqui, has been keeping in touch with us as we arrange the trip. So we already feel like we know them all, and are looking forward to meeting them for real later in the month. Jacqui tells us:

“Mikki is the white cat and Grizzly the black. Oliver likes to pretend he’s really tiny so squeezes himself into furniture that absolutely cannot be comfortable — lots of sighs and huffs and puffs and grunts!

“Although Oliver can be starved and Sea-Legged into a torpor of not being tooooo ghastly on the road, I really worry about my darling Grisou as he does have ”motion sickness’ — which means as soon as he’s in his box he starts complaining and slavering (Geordie for salivating!!) and usually we all arrive uptight and him soaked — and that’s just going to the vet’s! Anyway, you will no doubt have dealt with much worse…”

Animalcouriers have reassured Jacqui that we are used to travelling with nervous dogs and cats, and we do our best to make them feel comfortable and secure.

Once they reach the UK, this intrepid trio will board for a couple of days, to give Jacqui the chance to get unpacked and sort the house out ready for their arrival.

Mikki and Grizzly


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