Up Pompeii

Up Pompeii

Actually, we hope it’s ‘dormant’ Pompeii…. We do see some great sights on our trip, but Sorrento nestling in a hillside, with views of Napoli and Pompeii, are plenty for us just now.

While we enjoy the view, we’ve been thinking about animal associations with Pompeii and here are our offerings:

A number of houses in Pompeii have mosaics of dogs at their entrances bearing the legend ‘Cave canem’ (beware of the dog). You can see some fine examples here:


Mosaics depicting cats have also been found in Pompeii, but they’re thought to be Egyptian in origin, because no accredited feline remains have been found in the ruins. (And we all know how venerated cats were by the ancient Egyptians.) The mosiacs tend to show tabby striped or spotted cats, like this one here:


Do you know of any other links between animals and Pompeii?

Our view of Pompeii

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