Real sheepdogs

Real sheepdogs

At Korinth we met up with Maggie’s two dogs, Juno and Raki, who she adopted as puppies while on holiday last year. The two pups have grown up to look like Greek sheepdogs and have very gentle personalities.

Foster parents Brian and Susi have been looking after them. Although pleased to see them on their way, they’re also sad to see them go. “It will leave quite a gap in our lives,” they said.

Now, we’ve heard of cats that bring home mice as a gift, and dogs that will fetch a pair of slippers. Juno and Raki surprised their foster parents by bringing home a pair of sheep. Following generations of inherited instinct, they had cut a pair of ewes grazing on the mountainside.

The sheep quickly returned to their flock, none the worse for their adventure. And Juno and Raki were terribly pleased with themselves.

It’s a good thing they’re off to live in London where they won’t have too many opportunities to repeat the escapade. Perhaps people in sheepskin coats will have to watch out, though!

Juno and Raki

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