Well, it’s a hard decision this month. We had two quizzes running at the same time:

1.  What is this a picture of?:

Any idea?

We had this answer from our vet, Diana James, who suggested “rolls of cheese?”.

Jane Biddiss suggested they were “Bananas as designated by the EU – standard shape, standard colour, standard size!!!”

2.  What’s the bag for?

Any idea?

Diana suggested “snails?”

Jane however suggested “The bag is for their shopping. This person isn’t harvesting anything they were just crossing the field on their way to the shops!!!”

The real answers were: 1. Gouda cheeses with cumin and 2. Snails (collecting snails off the vines before they can do too much damage — in this instance they weren’t turned into cargolade, just escorted to another part of the domaine).

Diana will no doubt take this up with us on our next visit but we’ve decided to award the May prize to Jane, who we think has shown her usual flair and inventive streak and as a mark of our respect for her continued life with the Portugese Pilfering Pooch. We’ll get your prize of an Animalcouriers SWAG STUFF bag to you as soon as we can.

Well done and we await the answers to our June quiz with interest.