Animalcouriers collected this cute bundle of fluff from Granada in Spain. He’s moving to the UK with his family. A much-loved dog, he adores walks, and cuddles and kisses too — both giving and receiving.

Charlie had a brother who sadly died from leishmaniasis, a very unkind blood infection transmitted by mosquitos that’s prevalent in Spain. Charlie’s family couldn’t face losing another dog to the disease, which is why they’re moving back to the UK with Charlie.

We know Charlie’s family would wish all dog owners in Spain and elsewhere in southern and mediterranean Europe to be aware of the problem. To help protect your dog from leishmaniasis, keep him or her inside during the times of day when mosquitos are about, and make sure they wear a special collar (that protects against ticks as well) that’s available from your vet.

Charlie who simply wouldn't stay still for his photo!