It’s transhumance season, but a fairly unusual example of such a migration is taking place: a Welsh contingent is leaving a Spanish valley and heading to a slightly higher location in France.

Along with the Williamses themselves go their three dogs, Lucy, Coco and Derecha; and four cats, Blackie, Puss and sisters Maisie and Madge.

Animalcouriers is reliably informed that part of the reasons for the move is David’s passion for rugby, and the fact that he has been starved of the opportunity of going to games for years. As they are moving to the Carcassonne area, they will have good-quality rugby at a number of clubs within easy reach.

Animalcouriers originally moved the Williams’ cats to Spain a few years ago. Ten-year-old Puss is the only survivor from those days, but the couple have continued to attract and adopt lost feline and canine souls in need of a good home ever since.

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