A message from Milo to Cameron

A message from Milo to Cameron

Milo is travelling from Cumbria to Amsterdam, where his family are relocating. He’s been staying with family friends in Cumbria while his family settle in. After a few days with Animalcouriers, he’s off to join the family later this week.

Three-year-old Cameron is missing Milo, so a special request was sent asking Milo to get in touch and let Cameron know how he’s getting on. So Milo, who is a very clever dog indeed, wrote a letter to Cameron that he is happy to share here:

Hi Cameron,

Milo here, I hope you are being a good boy?  I am staying at Auntie J and Uncle R’s house for a few days.

They have two dogs, one is called Billy and the other is called Pugsley and they like me a lot, so we have been playing with a ball.

There is a little girl called Madeline here also and she has been throwing a ball for me to catch and as you know I am very good at doing this in the garden.

I have been so good and I think that everyone thinks you are very lucky that I am your dog.

Here are two pictures of me so that you can see me, and I am saying ‘Hallo Cameron’ in them, only you can’t hear me can you, so you can imagine it.

Love from Milo

Milo says 'Hi Cameron'

See you soon Cameron!

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