Playing patience in Galway

Playing patience in Galway

Christina and her husband are moving from Galway, in the West of Ireland, to Cornwall. Her husband has gone on ahead with their four house cats and one of their dogs. Christina will follow with their other two dogs. Animalcouriers is transporting their six ducks and six chickens — and their feral cats.

Using cat traps borrowed from the local cat charity, five of the feral colony were already safely loaded in the van. On a fine sunny morning, Courier M enjoyed views of Mount Gable while waiting for hunger and curiosity to overcome the suspicion of the remaining three, including Pershy.

Unfortunately he had to leave to catch the ferry before Pershy and the other two had been trapped. Christina is still hopeful of catching Pershy, who will then go to a cattery to await a friend or relative travelling to the UK. Pershy is very pretty but very canny and knew full well that something was up. A little minx but you have to admire her!

The other two feral cats are very timid indeed, and Christina knew all along that it would be extremely difficult to catch them. A neighbour has offered to take them on which is probably the best outcome for them.

We expect to reach Cornwall with our passengers later today.

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