Louis, the rescue pup adopted by courier J, is waiting out his pet passport in France. His rabies antibody test was fine and he’ll be able to enter the UK in June.

With Animalcouriers due to pass through on their way back to the UK this week, Louis was very excited about sharing this good news with J in person.

Unfortunately, however, he won’t be seeing J this week. Out of the blue, she’s been struck down by a ruptured appendix! So she’s in hospital in Malaga, in Spain, recovering from an operation to remove it. Luckily, our agent in Spain is nearby, as are John and Margaret (Oscar’s owners), all of whom can keep an eye on her and help speed her recovery.

Courier M has continued the journey, but of course there’s been some delay to the trip. All of our clients have been very kind and understanding about it — you know who you are, and we’re very grateful for that. Courier M2 has now flown down to join courier M for the rest of the journey north.

In the meantime, here’s a little puzzle for you. Louis was originally thought to be a Cocker Spaniel, but when you see him against his temporary foster brother and sister, it’s clear he’s a Cuckoo, not a Cocker. Any idea what sort of dog he actually is? Please add your suggestions using the Comments field below!