On the tiles with Oscar

On the tiles with Oscar

The sleepy brown bundle that was Oscar the Chocolate Labrador puppy has undergone a metamorphosis. He’s turned into a typically nosey little chap with no sense of fear, and a thirst for knowledge and adventure.

He has conquered steps, developed a taste for toes and slippers, and chewed pretty much everything he’s encountered so far. Like any puppy’s owners, John and Margaret have to be very alert at all times. But Oscar’s latest escapade left them speechless.

Their house is on a steep slope and one corner of the roof almost touches part of the garden terrace where Oscar plays. With remarkable speed and agility, he jumped up onto the roof to explore! John was about to follow him up there when, fortunately, Oscar came back down and was unceremoniously dragged to safety.

It just goes to show that you can’t take your eyes off them for a moment — and however safe you think you’ve made their environment, they’ll find a way to prove you wrong. Needless to say, a barrier has been put in place until a more permanent solution is built.

We’ve heard of a cat on a hot tin roof, but this is definitely a new twist!

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