Meanwhile, back at the Mini Schnauzer Club…

Meanwhile, back at the Mini Schnauzer Club…

At the last meeting of the Mini Schnauzer Club, treasurer Ozzie pointed out that the club was a bit short of funds. So Bingo put forward a motion to allow house dog Billywhizz to become an honorary member — the advantage being that he is the one most likely to help in the obtaining of treats and favours.

But a Mini Schnauzer is a Mini Schnauzer — whereas Billywhizz is just a Collie. But, it must be admitted, he does have access to many privileges that he could perhaps be persuaded to share.

Some time after the meeting, Ti and Ozzie were spotted in the garden giving the idea of Billywhizz’s membership some serious consideration…

Ozzie's best side

Ozzie and Ti checking out the garden for edibles

The Mini Schnauzer Club hanging around Billywhizz, in case of treats — looks like Pugsley's joined them too


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