Snow, snow everywhere

Snow, snow everywhere

On the drive north through France, we encountered increasingly heavy snow, which made our journey quite slow. South of Rouen, a kindly snow plough pulled out and provided us with gritted tracks to follow. This was immensely helpful for a period of time, but for much of our journey the roads have been untreated; or the volume of snow has been too great for the cleared routes to be useful. Drifts across the central reservations mean that only one lane has been available on some motorway routes.

Very sensibly, the police have banned all HGVs from the roads, something the Brits could learn from. Unfortunately, they’re not able to ban idiots driving 4x4s at breakneck speed because they feel invincible. These drivers seem to forget that the laws of physics also apply to them.

We were due to cross to the UK from Calais, once we had dropped Cesar (the Korthals Griffon) off at a kennels near Calais to wait out the last couple of weeks of his pet passport. But we felt we simply couldn’t get there in all the snow.

So we’ve changed our route to leave from Caen, and have arranged for our quarantine van to meet us at the UK end and take Cesar to UK quarantine kennels for the fortnight instead. We’re now waiting for our ferry at  Ouistreham (the port of the city of Caen), where it’s still snowing, but only lightly now.

snow on the journey north through France

Slow going

A snow-covered service station

Driving in the tracks of a snow-plough

A quick stop to chip ice off the wipers

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