Pugsley is a three-month old Staffie. New security regulations that apply to all cargo being shipped to the USA mean that Pugsey has to wait 30 days before he can join his family in New York.

So he has come to stay with Animalcouriers while he waits to travel. He tells me that he really rather likes it here. Until yesterday he had a Beagle called Milo to play with and they romped all day — and would have done all night too if they’d been allowed!

Now that Milo has gone to live in Cyprus, Pugsley has turned his attention to Puki.

Puki is waiting for his import permit so that he can join his family who have gone to live in St Lucia. His family had to make a quick decision to move there, but Puki has to wait for his export health certificate to be prepared before he can join them. So he too is staying with Animalcouriers at the moment.

Puki tells me that while he likes Pugsley, he’s not sure he has the youth and energy needed to keep up with him all day. So he’s very glad Pugsley can share his enthusiasm for playing all day with house dog Billywhizz too, and Billywhizz’s owners R and J.


Pugsley - at last he's worn out!