Courier J’s new Cocker Spaniel pup is settling in at his foster home. He’s already learned where to do his business (mostly), which makes cleaning up after him a bit less tricky.

He’s ready to chew anything and everything, so high on the shopping list is a large supply of chew toys. In the meantime he’s found his own: a piece of vinewood that was destined for the fire.

He’s doing his best to make friends with the incumbent dogs and cats. Cockers George and Milly are a bit unsure but are very gradually coming round. Luckily George hasn’t noticed yet that the pup has helped himself to one of George’s favourite toys!

Top cat Edgar is keeping a careful eye on goings-on from a safe vantage point. Rag Doll Toshie is getting a bit closer in, trying to work out just who or what this new creature is.

The naming challenge continues, too. We’re currently trying out ‘Louis’ to see if that fits.


Louis the cocker spaniel puppy

Chewy Louis



Louis the cocker spaniel puppy

George and Louis



Louis the cocker spaniel puppy

Louis and Toshie