Itteh bitteh welcoming committeh

Itteh bitteh welcoming committeh

The Cocker Spaniel puppy’s foster brothers and sisters know something’s up but aren’t quite sure what.

The big training cage used when the now four-year-old Cockers George and Milly were pups, and when the now one-year-old Rag Dolls Toshie and Tinker were kittens, has been prepared for the new arrival.

The dogs and cats have all had a good sniff round it, wondering what it heralds. Tinker’s now so worn out she’s had to have a lie down. But which is more comfy — inside or on top of it? Tinker will let us have her verdict soon.

Rag Doll cat in training cage


Rag Doll cat on top of training cage

Or on top?

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