Bruce, who is almost a regular

Bruce, who is almost a regular

Bruce the Rottweiler is on his second trip with Animalcouriers this year.

We originally transported him to Spain for the brother of Laurence (who runs Amberlodge Kennels). Laurence’s brother was planning a quiet life in Spain as a complete contrast to his previous life of running a pub in Croydon.

However, it wasn’t long before he got a bit bored, so he has now taken on another pub just round the corner from his old one in Croydon.

Bruce is on his way back to the UK with Animalcouriers where he will resume his role as publican’s dog, being spoilt rotten by the punters (or is it pinters?) as he is such a friendly chap and a real softie.

Bruce from Spain to the UK

Bruce, heading back to the UK

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