Sooty and Smudge

Sooty and Smudge

Sooty and Smudge are off to Spain to join their owners, Caroline and Paul, who have missed them very much. They had to leave the UK long before Sooty and Smudge, who have been staying in a cattery where they have been very well looked after.

Says Caroline: “Just wondering if you will be taking photos of Sooty and Smudge on their journey to Spain? We miss them terribly as we have not seen them for 6 1/2 weeks. Very excited that they are coming out and grateful for any news that you might be able to give us so we can follow their journey.”

As I type this they are on Eurotunnel heading for France with our courier Den who will look after them on their journey through France and then into Spain. They stayed with us last night, so we could get to know them a little – they were very friendly and had such good manners — they obviously come from a very good home!

We will keep you posted as the journey progresses.



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