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Eric to Lisbon

Eric the cat is off to Lisbon to join Claire, his owner. Eric was originally due to travel next month, but he has really been missing Claire. Not only that, he was really put out that she went off to Lisbon leaving him behind. So he made it quite clear to the nice people looking after him that he just didn’t want to be in England any more, while Claire was in Lisbon having all that fun.

So Animalcouriers and Claire had to made a very quick plan to find Eric alternative accommodation in Lisbon. Where better than with our friend Ricardo at Monte dos Vendavais Kennels and Cattery in the Lisbon area.

Eric had obviously heard of this cattery and decided that if he could get himself relocated nice and early, he would get to have all that luxury in Lisbon at that nice cattery, instead of waiting around in wet England and so far away from Claire.

Decisive Eric

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One Comment

  1. Claire July 19, 2010 at 8:28 pm - Reply

    Not Long Budd!!!

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