Canico’s progress

Canico’s progress

A lot of excitement is being generated in England and Madeira about Canico (pronounced Caniso), and this afternoon it spread to Lisbon airport.

Along with Ricardo from Lisbon’s Monte dos Vendavais Pet Hotel, we were on tenterhooks like expectant parents, waiting for the Mangy Madeiran Mutt (as Ray and Jane call him) to touch down at his first port of call, Lisbon airport in Portugal.

In fact, the only one not particularly excited was Canico himself, who took it all in his stride as if air travel was an everyday occurrence for him.

As Ricardo looked into Canico’s travel box to check he was OK after the flight, Canico stood up with his tail wagging to say hello and let us know, “yes, I’m fine, had a good trip, pleased to see you.”

Canico still looks like he could do with a few good meals, but he’s come a long way from the condition he was in when Ray and Jane found him.

Animalcouriers is now taking him to Malaga in Spain to stay with Mary and Olof, where he will sit out his pet passport time before finally reaching the UK.

Canico greets Ricardo with a wag of his tail

Canico steps out of his travel box

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