We chugged into Chios harbour (Greece) where we were met by several officials, and declared our cargo.

“How many dogs?” asked the Customs official. “Six?” — drawing a number 6 in the air.

“SixTEEN,” we said, drawing a 16 in the air. “And three cats.”

“Six or sixteen?” he said again, drawing in the air once more. “Sixteen,” we said. “Ah, we must get the doctor,” was the response.

After a while, two vets arrived. It took a painstaking one and a half hours to get through every piece of paper!

We did a quick update tweet and almost by return came an email from Roger and Celia: “YIPPEeeee! Welcome to the EU, you must be relieved but not half as much as us, what a great feeling when that tweet came up. Have a great evening — we have already opened a can to toast the news.”

Chios harbour — the EU at last

Customs poster