Travelling north from Gibraltar and Portugal through Spain, courier M has collected a host of beloved pets who are travelling to the UK.
Lola the Bulldog is travelling from Gibraltar to Hampshire.


From Spain:
Charlie the Springer Spaniel is on his way to Hertfordshire


Chaffie the Lab is heading for Oxford


Yorkies Mitzi and Rosa are travelling to Cambridgeshire

Mitzi and Rosa

LD (Little Dog) and companion cats Tommy and Scoots are headed for Wiltshire




Lily, found as a stray cat, is on her way to Preston — the problems caused by the volcanic ash cloud mean she’ll reach the UK before her owner, so she’ll be staying at a cattery until her owner makes it home.


And you may remember Toffee, the Cocker Spaniel from Ibiza, who has been staying with Mary at Cartama Kennels in Malaga since November. Her passport is now ready, so she is finally on her way to be reunited with her family in Surrey.


M met up with courier A near Narbonne, France, who had collected five cats and one dog from Monaco and Provence to join the trip north.

From Monaco:

Charlie, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and his companion Lily, a beautiful grey cat, are travelling from Monaco to Henley — they’ll be making the journey back to Monaco with us in a few months’ time.



Tigger and Scat Cat are on their way to Bristol. Volcanic ash means their owner was stranded in a remote part of Greece and the last we heard from her she was setting out to make the journey overland – no news as yet about her progress but we are waiting with bated breath to see if she will make it home before the cats.

Scat Cat


Renee, a slinky ginger-and-white cat, is on his way from the Grasse area to Cheshire. He’s keeping himself busy trying to escape from his cage, so M is keeping a very close eye on him. When we told his owner about his antics, she said: “Clearly we should have called him Houdini.”


And black-and-white cat Boby is heading for Bristol — special thanks from courier A to the Jardin des Chats cattery, who kindly stayed open late so that Boby didn’t get left behind!