Six are safely settled in

Six are safely settled in

Remember the Saunders’ four dogs and two cats? They made the marathon journey from Malaga in Spain to New Zealand via London. They are now out of quarantine and back home with the family who report the following:

“Milly, Banjo and Toffee settled in straight away. Big Ears hid in her kennel for a few days, but is now fine and can often be found sunbathing on the lawn.

“Neo settled in as if he had never been away and is looking forward to going outside next week. He needs to because he gained 1.5 kilos in the kennels and now weighs a whopping 7.25 kilos. Mocca hid under the bed for 2 days but is now fine and is spending her days on top of the beds until she can go out next week.

“Thanks again for the great service and care.”

Toffe, Milly and Banjo

Big Ears



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