Heading north with new guests

Heading north with new guests

Since dropping off cats and dogs in Portugal and Spain, we have acquired some new guests along the way. These include one collection of nine (yes NINE) cats and a French Bulldog called Fagin from a single household, all bound for Eastbourne.

We also now have Toffee the cat heading back to join her family in Luton, dogs Narla and Charlie, and a Sumava Persian called Betty Boop whose new owner lives in Somerset.

In addition we have a very boisterous pair of dogs called Hattie and Hector, a very sweet, deaf little “Dinky” dog, plus the semi-feral, very bad-tempered cat called Gypsy who’s keeping his head down in the back!

It’s northbound all the way now. On passing into France we saw snow on the branches of the trees lining the road. Tonight we stop off with our lovely vet, Diana, who is going to look over all the animals and carry out the parasite treatments. Then we make the final leg of our journey to Calais and cross to Dover on Wednesday or Thursday.

French Fagin

Miracle, Elvis and Karma

Tamara, Tia and Tubby

Toffee — if I ignore it, it will go away

Narla the boisterous Great Dane


Little Betty Boop

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