Animalcouriers has embarked on a very unusual trip. We are travelling to North Cyprus to collect a family of three dogs and three cats who will ultimately be going to the UK.

Bringing animals from North Cyprus is problematic as it is part of Turkey and therefore outside the EU. To qualify to enter the UK animals must first have had a blood test done to show they are rabies free, and this must be three months old.

They can then enter most EU countries, but must then have a further blood test and wait six months in the usual way before being allowed into the UK under the pet passports scheme. This family of pets will be staying in France while they qualify for their passports.

To make things more difficult, there are no flights out of North Cyprus that take pets. Crossing from North Cyprus to South Cyprus is also forbidden.
We are therefore taking an overland route through France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Turkey. A lot of new experiences for us! We were in the Greek seaside town of Kavala last night and plan to cross into Turkey via Istanbul today.

Updates to follow as we progress.