Alfie, Molly, Joey travel from Spain to Cyprus

Alfie, Molly, Joey travel from Spain to Cyprus

Moving house is very stressful for pet animals and so at Animalcouriers we do what we can, in conjunction with pets’ owners, to make the experience as smooth as possible.

The Hardy Boys (and a girl). Alfie, Molly and Joey here are blissfully unaware of their forthcoming travel from Malaga in Spain to Cyprus.

Their owner, Andrea, may have told them all about it. If she has, she will also have told them that they are off to stay with Mary at Cartama Kennels for a few days, to give Andrea and her partner time to sort out their new home and prepare their welcome reception. A team from Animalcouriers will get Alfie, Molly and Joey to Cyprus via London at the end of the month.


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